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Nadine Kubler



Nadine Kübler was born in Germany and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. She showed a passion for acting at a young age by imitating commercials while they were playing on TV. At the age of 14, Nadine had her first performance as a dancer in the musical The Show Must Go On. Soon after dipping her toes into show business, her courage grew and Nadine joined the local theater group AG Theater Rämibühl where she performed in Shopokalpse - oder die Welt als Supermarkt and in Das Wintermärchen - Ein Stück Zeit nach William Shakespeare (The Winter's Tale).


In 2012 she moved to New York City where she completed a two-year professional program at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (NYCDA). Shorty after graduating in 2014, she made her first appearance on German TV, starring as the lead in the pilot of My Life in New York.


Only a short time passed until Nadine Kübler worked on the feature film Grinder and the popular web series Let's Do It Together. In the same year she started producing her own web series DON JEN.


In August 2015, Nadine made her New York Theater debut in Old Haunts, which played at the International FringeNYC Festival!

Kübler can also be seen in commercials for Max's Bratwurst, The One World Trade Center, and Office Master as well as the short films Magenta, Magenta 2, and Cotton. The latter has had a very succesful run in festivals such as the Nola Horror Film Fest, the New York City Horror Film Festival, and the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival.

For the 'Crash the Superbowl' Ad Contest, Nadine Kübler produced not just one, but three commercials for Doritos®, and reached the top 100 (from over 4'000) with one of them!


Since 2015, Kübler is also starring in a leading role of Crizlassic's Production The Same Coin, which later developed into a web series, was continued for a second season, and ran in several festivals.

In late 2017, Nadine Kübler moved back to the home country where she worked on several projects such as a infomercial for Daimler AG and the short film Choices, by Jukka Ollila, which can be seen at the BIFF in Berlin in February 2020.


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